Monday, June 19, 2017

Keeping Cool

As the weather is typically warmer down South than we have here in Victoria I borrowed an idea from another Mini traveler to keep myself cool in the heat.  Using an old cooler, some plastic tubing, an exercise mat and a 12 V water pump this is what I have created. 

The ice chest gets filled with water along with a bunch of frozen water bottles which keeps the water extremely cold.  The small pump circulates the water through the hoses to the seat back to keep me cool.

 The setback is fixed onto the back of the seat with a t-shirt to keep it in place and to absorb any condensation from the cold tubes. 

Some foam pipe insulation keeps the condensation from building up in the tubing and dripping onto the seat and floor of the Mini.  The tubing is fixed to an old foam exercise mat so they will sit against my back when I am seated in the car.

The pump is wired to a 12V power plug that fits into the cigarette lighter or acessory power outlet on the Mini.  

When I start to feel too hot, the pump gets turned on for a few minutes, which cools me down. If the water gets too warm during the trip, it can be filled up with some ice from the gas station or grocery store. Each night the water bottles get put into the hotel freezer, ready for the next day.  

It works extremely well, keeping me cool on the road.. .. and I have cold water to drink as well as keeping anything else cold while traveling..

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