Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Return Day 4 - Seaside Or to Victoria BC - 410km

The last day was a quick run up the 101 from Seaside to Port Angeles, and then over to Victoria on the Coho Ferry. We split at seaside with Hogan's going back via Bellingham and the BC Ferries, and me through Port Angeles. Traffic was very light until the last leg into Port Angeles, so I made good time. No pics of the trip, and will post some mileage specs once we consolidate all the gas receipts..

So based on my last gas up in Hoodsport my overall mileage was 36.4 mpg. (30.3 mi/US Gallon) A little down from previous years as I am running a different ECU.  Kilometers covered to that point was 2987km.

Terry and Linda Hogan's 2004 MINI Cooper gas mileage average was 12.06 km/l (28.5 mi/US gallon) over a total distance of 3636 km (2272.5 miles). Total fuel cost for 301.44 litres (79.64 US gallons) was $239.33 US which averaged out to $3.00 US /gallon for Premium gas. Of course the AC was in use much of the time (oh ... the cost of luxury).  

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Return Day 3 - Coos Bay to Seaside - 346km

We left early after breakfast in a light fog and headed up 101 to hit the dunes area at 9:00 when the place opens. The drive up was good with very little traffic and as we pulled into the parking lot  at Sand Dunes Frontier rides about 8 other cars were pulling in as well.. we paid for a trip on a sand rail, the small 3-7 passenger ones, and ended up being the first out on a 3 passenger, but with just Terry and I, plus our  driver Bob. We had a great ride, getting air a couple of times and being canted over almost to the point of rolling as we swept up and down the dunes.. it was a great ride.. good thing we had 4 point safety belts on!

After the sand rail ride, we headed north and stopped at the Tillamook Air museum, former home of K-class Blimps that were used to run anti-submarine coast patrols.

Then the final leg to Seaside which took forever due to high volumes of traffic and slow  drivers. After along trip up the traffic stopped 5 miles from Seaside and we crept along at under 5mph. We found out later that there was an accident earlier that tied up traffic..

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Return Day 2 - Eureka CA to Coos Bay OR - 350km

A nice shorter day today for mileage, so we could do some things along the way. The day started out quite cool and misting, after overnight showers in Eureka.  The planned route was up 101, but we took several alternate scenic roads that ram parallel to 101, and took some time for sight seeing. The day brightened up later, but still stayed fairly cool.  Lots of work on 101, so a lot of stops for one way traffic..

Of course we had  to stop at the Trees of Mystery to see Paul Bunyan and his ox Babe!

 Paul trodding on Linda's car...
 And the both of them jumping onto the roof of the VTEC..

The day got lot sunnier as we headed North...

Jack, enjoying the view of the coast

Return Trip - Day 1 Sata Rosa to Eureka 391 km

The flipside!  I helped Randy load his awesome Police Mini onto the trailer and then headed up 101 to meet up with the Hogans who were staying in Windsor. After a quick coffee, we headed out with a route that followed 101, 128 , Highway 1, and then back to 101 at Leggett.  We have not driven 128 before and it w3as a great road with some very nice twisty sections and very little traffic. We stopped at one winery along the way as it had been recommended, but did not end up buying anything. We have driven the 101 many times, but this was the first time we drove it headed North.. still a great road to drive in either direction.. We did the Drive through tree just outside of Leggett, and later up 101, we drove the Avenue of the Giants, stopped to check out the huge redwoods along the way. We did run into a lot of one way sections, but the wait was never long.

MMW2017 Rally and Banquet

Another great day, we started out just after 9:00am for the Rally, me driving the VTEC and Randy telling me where to go! It was a great drive, showcasing the different regions around Santa Rosa.. interrupted with a bunch of questions. :). We managed to answer all but one of the questions, but missed the bonus ones, craft-fully hidden in small point font on the instruction page. We were back early afternoon so we could relax and get ready for the evening banquet. Terry and Linda left around the same time and also got back to drop off the answer sheet just after Randy and I. Apparently they are still married after the rally.

MMW2017 Rally Sustenance! 

The banquet was held in the hotel and was a very good buffet followed by the awards. Linda once again took home a first place for her car. Nothing for Randy or I, but a bunch for Graham Reid who was sitting with us at the 'Canadian table'

Linda accepting her award..

MMW2017 Auto Cross and Funkhana

It was a cool overcast day as we arrived at the track for our 8:00am runs.  But the track was not finished so we hung around until 9:00am when they were ready to go for the autocross. then I manned a corner while other cars ran and then switched out with Randy so I could run the VTEC. I was pleased with the runs as I improved with each run shaving over 4 seconds of from the first run to thee last one.

The course was extremely tight with only one area to get up any speed, well designed and fun to drive.

Teh Randy and I went over to do the Funkhana, and there were no real takers.. so some of the staff ran it and then we decided to give it a whirl..  we had a good time but  screwed up on carrying glasses of water, and driving blindfolded.. I think I almost ran over the staff!  We were the first classic Mini that was able to balance on the teeter totter though! We certainly had no hope of FTD!

Thanks to Terry and Linda for grabbing some pictures of all the days action..

In the evening, a dozen cars were invited to park in the down town Courtyard Square as part of their weekly market day.   Terry, Linda and I went down and in exchange we got free beer tasting cards to use at the market with local micro brewers.. a great trade and a fun event..

Return Day 4 - Seaside Or to Victoria BC - 410km

The last day was a quick run up the 101 from Seaside to Port Angeles, and then over to Victoria on the Coho Ferry. We split at seaside with...