Sunday, July 2, 2017

Return Day 3 - Coos Bay to Seaside - 346km

We left early after breakfast in a light fog and headed up 101 to hit the dunes area at 9:00 when the place opens. The drive up was good with very little traffic and as we pulled into the parking lot  at Sand Dunes Frontier rides about 8 other cars were pulling in as well.. we paid for a trip on a sand rail, the small 3-7 passenger ones, and ended up being the first out on a 3 passenger, but with just Terry and I, plus our  driver Bob. We had a great ride, getting air a couple of times and being canted over almost to the point of rolling as we swept up and down the dunes.. it was a great ride.. good thing we had 4 point safety belts on!

After the sand rail ride, we headed north and stopped at the Tillamook Air museum, former home of K-class Blimps that were used to run anti-submarine coast patrols.

Then the final leg to Seaside which took forever due to high volumes of traffic and slow  drivers. After along trip up the traffic stopped 5 miles from Seaside and we crept along at under 5mph. We found out later that there was an accident earlier that tied up traffic..


  1. I remember having a go in the dune bugs, great fun !!! save journey home.

  2. Rog, thanks for following along, we did stop at a lot of the same places as the trip we made with you in the Moke.. we often thought of you on this trip.


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