Sunday, June 25, 2017

Victoria to Medford OR - 850km

Not much to post about today qs it was all driving and no sight seeing. Started out on the Coho Ferry on the 6:10 sailing, which means a 4:30 start from home to get there 1 hour before!  The sailing was smooth as the water was dead calm all the way down to Port Angeles,,

Then on the road for about 8 hours with 3 gas stops. I could have done it with less gas stops, but it was easier to get out and stretch and grab some food along the way.

No pics as I was driving and hard to get a picture while running down the I5 at 70mph.

Arriving at Grants Pass and stopping for gas, it was really getting hot. The toothless pump attendant told me he thought it was 107 degrees F, but there was a sign with a temp on it of only 104!  Shortly before Grants Pass my seat cooler stopped cooling as all the ice had melted, so it must have been hot!  Otherwise it worked good most of the day. Medford was 98 when I arrived, but cooling down as a storm approached.

I am spending the night in Medford, and sitting here watching the thunderstorms roll by, lots of lightening and just 5 minutes after I walked back from dinner, the skies opened up.. good timing..

 Found a place to grab a draft beer and pizza.

Hard to see, but it was pouring rain..

Up early tomorrow with a 6 hour drive to Santa Rosa.. hope to beat the heat by leaving early..

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  1. Good job you kept out of the lightning remember last time the Mini jot struck it did not do the radio, phone and computer stuff any good. Keep dry.
    Happy Mini-ing Rog "The Hat"


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