Saturday, July 1, 2017

Return Trip - Day 1 Sata Rosa to Eureka 391 km

The flipside!  I helped Randy load his awesome Police Mini onto the trailer and then headed up 101 to meet up with the Hogans who were staying in Windsor. After a quick coffee, we headed out with a route that followed 101, 128 , Highway 1, and then back to 101 at Leggett.  We have not driven 128 before and it w3as a great road with some very nice twisty sections and very little traffic. We stopped at one winery along the way as it had been recommended, but did not end up buying anything. We have driven the 101 many times, but this was the first time we drove it headed North.. still a great road to drive in either direction.. We did the Drive through tree just outside of Leggett, and later up 101, we drove the Avenue of the Giants, stopped to check out the huge redwoods along the way. We did run into a lot of one way sections, but the wait was never long.

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