Saturday, July 1, 2017

Return Day 2 - Eureka CA to Coos Bay OR - 350km

A nice shorter day today for mileage, so we could do some things along the way. The day started out quite cool and misting, after overnight showers in Eureka.  The planned route was up 101, but we took several alternate scenic roads that ram parallel to 101, and took some time for sight seeing. The day brightened up later, but still stayed fairly cool.  Lots of work on 101, so a lot of stops for one way traffic..

Of course we had  to stop at the Trees of Mystery to see Paul Bunyan and his ox Babe!

 Paul trodding on Linda's car...
 And the both of them jumping onto the roof of the VTEC..

The day got lot sunnier as we headed North...

Jack, enjoying the view of the coast

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