Saturday, July 1, 2017

MMW2017 Auto Cross and Funkhana

It was a cool overcast day as we arrived at the track for our 8:00am runs.  But the track was not finished so we hung around until 9:00am when they were ready to go for the autocross. then I manned a corner while other cars ran and then switched out with Randy so I could run the VTEC. I was pleased with the runs as I improved with each run shaving over 4 seconds of from the first run to thee last one.

The course was extremely tight with only one area to get up any speed, well designed and fun to drive.

Teh Randy and I went over to do the Funkhana, and there were no real takers.. so some of the staff ran it and then we decided to give it a whirl..  we had a good time but  screwed up on carrying glasses of water, and driving blindfolded.. I think I almost ran over the staff!  We were the first classic Mini that was able to balance on the teeter totter though! We certainly had no hope of FTD!

Thanks to Terry and Linda for grabbing some pictures of all the days action..

In the evening, a dozen cars were invited to park in the down town Courtyard Square as part of their weekly market day.   Terry, Linda and I went down and in exchange we got free beer tasting cards to use at the market with local micro brewers.. a great trade and a fun event..

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